Michael Ackerman (biography - photos & video)

Michael Ackerman (in first photo) born in Tel Aviv, Israel. His family moves to New York in 1974. Lives and works in Warsaw.

His work is easily recognisable through its dark, gritty style with the majority of his work being black and white breaking away from all sorts of exoticism. 
The use of black and white allows him to explore impossible lighting causing both his portraits and landscapes to emerge from darkness.
Michael Ackerman takes a new, radical and unique approach as he reflects his views on the world through the representation of personal feelings such as love, loneliness, anxiety, obsession and doubt in places which he recognises himself.

It is apparent that Michael Ackerman has a distinct style of working as his photographs manage to explore both the mood and the atmosphere of a particular subject or place.

Ackerman's work in the big cities is full of humanity in the photographic treatment of the people he meets during his wanderings. He seeks to provoke emotions in the viewer with his black and white photographs, sometimes decadent or moved, most often taken spontaneously.

Michael Ackerman’s book “Half Life” manages to blend both the past and the present together by blurring all geographical references placing a large emphasis on human activity. 
His work can be seen to follow a journey both physical and mentally and this is apparent in his earlier book “End Time City” in which he received the Infinity Award for young Photographer in 1998 and Nadar price in France at 1998.

Michael Ackerman is an artist of our time...