A photographer with many thousands of followers decided to delete his account
on facebook (and not only) for his own, respected, reasons.

The news (from a photo site) was caught by friends "facebook-skeptics"
who communicated it .... on facebook !!

Oxymoron? At least.

But on the same site there was another news, with infographic please,
of the 30 photographers using social media for their benefit,
as well as another simple list of the 100 photographers that are
the most active in social media and they have also benefited
(professionally definitely and probably artistically) of them.

I am not a defense attorney..
Much of Mr Mark Zuckerberg and especially afterwards
revelations and apologies for Cambridge Analytica.

But I am a supporter of the "medium".
We are the ones we use (willingly) and we are individually responsible
for its proper use, as well as for what we accept and what we reject, from the constant flow of timeline.

I am not referring to general use. How else could I?
I am referring to the use made by a persistent photographer who wants to show his images to a wide audience,
who would never have it in his "mood" and waiting for a sincere response or rejection of it.

And we should never forget that our camera is also a "medium".

And it is not to blame if our photos are not moving, as our beautiful images do not owe to us,
but in the straight line that enters the heart, eye and brain and penetrates its lens ...

On the other hand, Alfred Stieglitz was the one who urged us to "not be an enthusiastic button handler".

"Photography is useful for imprinting reality as well as personal creation
and to distinguish it is a one-way creation of a personal aesthetics that will not look like
with no one else" wrote Susan Sontag.

The personal aesthetics of this stubborn photographer, who does not have access to editors,
curators, exhibitions, the creation of a site, the book version, is likely to find
a clue of recognition through a post and defending against obscurity.

One way? Difficult, but - I hope to - probably ...

        G. Kazazis

My above text, posted in ifocus.gr (06-11-2018)